Financial support of this ministry helps cover out-of-pocket expenses on everything from website fees to book and shipping charges to worldwide locations where the book is unavailable, travel expenses to churches/conferences when speaking, etc.  I don’t charge speaking fees as I rely solely on God’s financial provisions through donations and love offerings.

I have opted not to set-up a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization due to my conviction that it puts an individual, organization, or church under a curse and under government control limiting free speech.  Research “501c3 exposed” or “the danger of 501c3” for more information.  Additional information at these links:

Therefore, while your donation would not be tax deductible, God will bless you according to His Will while ensuring I can continue to share the Gospel and how God delivered me from the bondage of homosexuality without limits on what I can say.  I will not cower behind the walls of political correctness.

If, after prayerful consideration, you wish to support this ministry, please send a check (no cash or money orders, please – not responsible for lost items) to:

George Carneal
217 Country Club Park #514
Birmingham, AL 35213

You can also support this ministry via PayPal or Patreon:

No amount is too small. If you’re unable to provide financial support, your prayers regarding this ministry would be most appreciated!



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