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Countless individuals struggle with homosexuality.  Getting out of what some refer to as the “homosexual lifestyle” is difficult.  LGBT individuals who want out of this life often hear the success stories of “ex-gays” who went on to date/marry someone of the opposite sex while many, like myself, still struggle with a same-sex attraction.  Well there is another option…celibacy.  The media highlight the “coming out” stories while little is said about a growing underground movement of LGBT individuals who are leaving that life behind, giving their lives to Christ and choosing celibacy.  Jesus was celibate so I find no shame in choosing this path.  I’ve been on the path of celibacy for nine years now and, surprisingly, celibacy was not as difficult as I thought it would be.  God has filled my life in other ways.  There is hope in Christ and nothing satisfies like Jesus.  I hope these testimonies and resources give encouragement to those who are disillusioned with the Queer life and want out.   (If a link doesn’t work, please copy and paste in browser)

Walt Heyer

Kathy Grace Transgender Transformed Pt 1 of 2

Kathy Grace Transgender Transformed Pt 2 of 2

Such Were Some Of You: Larry Spargimino and Dr. David Foster

(For parents with LGBT children)

(For parents with LGBT children)

(PFOX – Facebook)

(For parents with LGBT children)

(Additional resources)

(Pure Passion TV)

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