Countless individuals struggle with homosexuality.   Getting out of what some refer to as the “homosexual lifestyle” is difficult.   LGBT individuals who want out of this life often hear the success stories of “ex-gays” who transition successfully back into a heterosexual life.   However, for those of us who will struggle with a same-sex attraction, little did I know there was another option…celibacy.  Jesus was celibate so I find no shame in choosing this path.

I’ve been on the path of celibacy for about 12 years now and, surprisingly, it was not as difficult as I thought it would be.  Additionally, God has filled my life in other ways!

The media highlight the “coming out” stories while little is said about a growing underground movement of LGBT individuals who are tired of the Queer life, walking away from it, and giving their lives to Christ!

There is hope in Christ and nothing satisfies like Jesus.   I hope these testimonies and resources give encouragement to those who are disillusioned with the Queer life and want out.

To parents with LGBT children, below you will also find some resources for parents that you might find helpful and encouraging.


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