For years I struggled with my Christian faith and homosexuality. I wanted to share my painful journey through a secular world at odds with homosexuality, in addition to a religious world that is hostile to homosexuals. Perhaps sharing this journey through the eyes, and mind, of a confused child dealing with homosexuality will give some insight into the pain and difficulty of navigating these two worlds. Sadly, many gay, lesbian and transgender individuals don’t know that there is a God who loves them and longs to have a relationship with them. Many have been brainwashed by mean-spirited Christians that God hates them.

I would eventually spend approximately 25 years immersed in the world of homosexuality and share some of the pitfalls of that life. This is not about glamorizing a life I once lived nor is it about self-pity. Deliverance from what many refer to as the “homosexual lifestyle” is possible. There is hope in Christ.

My story is not an attack on the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) or Christian communities, nor is my story a representation of what all LGBT individuals go through. This is merely my journey and what I learned along the way. I share it with you for His glory, not mine. Thank you for reading.