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Homekeepers TV interview with Arthelene Rippy (Christian Television Network) *


New Hearts Outreach Conference – Speaker: George Carneal – From Queer to Christ testimony *


Christian Life Magazine 99.3 FM The Truth Network radio interview with (Ex-Gay) Host Chris Rose *


Living Above The Drama radio interview with Dr. Georgianna Donadio – August 2018 *
(Dr. Donadio’s work has been featured on, Fox News, WebMD,
and various other print, online, radio and TV interviews)


Janet Mefferd Today radio interview *


MassResistance Texas/Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary – Ft. Worth, TX – Teens4Truth Conference – Countering the LGBT Agenda – “Former homosexuals and children of LGBTs speak the truth!” *


Soaring Eagle Radio Episode # 106 *


Igniting A Nation – Revealing The Truth radio interview with Pastor/Rabbi Eric Walker *


FaithTalk Radio – Bill Bunkley Show *


Interview with (ex-gay) Robert Oscar Lopez, PhD.


World Net Daily radio interview with Greg Corombus


The 405 Media radio interview on the Tami Jackson Show


God Reports (Mark Ellis) book review


Christian Life Magazine article


A New Low?  A Look at Bans on Pro-Heterosexual Therapy and the Threats They Pose to Religious Liberty and Client Autonomy


The Christian Post: “Therapies for Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction Are Effective, Study Finds” by Brandon Showalter

… George Carneal, author of From Queer To Christ: My Journey Into The Light concurs.   Carneal spent 25 years living and identifying as a homosexual but has been celibate for over 10 years and says same-sex attraction no longer controls him like it once did.   “The APA’s claim that ‘sexual orientation change therapies should not be used because they are probably ineffective and may cause harm’ is an opinion.   There are countless success stories from LGBT individuals who would beg to differ,” he said in an interview with The Christian Post Monday.   “Harm doesn’t come from a therapist who operates with compassion and a desire to help a client who is seeking help.   Harm comes as a result of being told we have to live with these unwanted desires and have no hope of change!   In my case, therapy was an important part of my journey but real change happened when I truly surrendered my life to Christ.” he said.


LifeSite News:  “Fr. James Martin rebuked after urging Catholics to support LGBT Pride” by Lisa Bourne

… said George Carneal, Author of From Queer to Christ:    “James Martin is correct.   LGBT individuals should be treated with ‘respect, compassion and sensitivity.’   However, while God loves everyone, ‘children of God’ are those who have accepted Christ as their Savior.   You cannot bypass Jesus to get to God.   God would not give me peace with the lies of the ‘Christian’ liberal theology and LGBT narrative.   I spent 25 miserable years in the LGBT lifestyle.   I finally decided to listen to God, not any religious leader promoting something that was keeping me in bondage and in rebellion against God’s Word.   Celibacy is an option and LGBT individuals need to know there is hope in getting out of that life.   Give your life to Christ and find real joy and peace!”


LifeSite News:  “Chaste same-sex attracted Christians: God did not make us gay” by Doug Mainwaring

… said George Carneal, Author of From Queer to Christ:   “The Pope and liberal ‘Christian’ theologians/teachers have done more damage to LGBT individuals by poisoning us with their lies, pushing us into further bondage and rebellion against God.   This destroyed my peace of mind and I attempted suicide over the despair.   God is not the author of confusion.   He would not make me gay and then condemn it in His infallible Word.   When God opened my eyes to the deception and gave me the healing I needed, I was able to finally walk away from that life.   I choose to listen to God, not the Pope.”

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