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INTERVIEW with HOMEKEEPERS (Christian Television Network)




One thought on “INTERVIEW with HOMEKEEPERS (Christian Television Network)

  1. terrific interview …. God woke me up in 2010, I was and am horrified at the abomination I lived for 24 years, and I thank God for waking me up, I pray all will wake up and not harden their hearts. yanno, satan studies us from the moment we’re born, he sees our weaknesses and tendencies, then magnifies them to us… when I was a child I was a tomboy, and then I questioned myself and my attraction to women, satan knew that about me and honed in on it. then everything snowballed in the 80’s with people coming out, Rock Hudson coming out with aids/his lifestyle, etc etc etc then I read a book called pastor I am gay by a Methodist preacher, that sealed it for me, that it was acceptable to God …. needless to say I lived OUT, LOUD & PROUD and angry that the church had been so against it ….. today, I know why …. and like I say, Thank You Abba for WAKING me up from the lie … my family didn’t even dare talk to me during those years cuz I did not want to hear it, but, they prayed for me … EVERYBODY prayed for me …. and I thank God for those who were faithful in doing so 🙂 today I have zero desire to live that life again, God took the desire just like He cleaned my body of the desire for cigarettes and alcohol, so just know, all things ARE possible with God

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