Part of what made my journey out of the LGBT life even more miserable was the confusion about God’s Word because of “Christian” liberal theologians who were twisting God’s Word and insisting that God made us gay, that God’s Word affirms homosexuality, that we are “under grace, not the law.”   This delayed my healing and brought about much heartache, confusion, and tears.

In my book, FROM QUEER TO CHRIST, I detail the “talking points” of these pastors, even the LGBT activists, and debunk them.

To the LGBT individuals who are listening to this false theology, God is not the author of confusion.   God’s Word is clear that SATAN is the father of lies and the truth is not in him (John 8:44).   If society and liberal pastors are telling us that homosexuality is ok in God’s eyes, then why is God delivering people OUT of that life?   SOMEONE IS LYING and IT’S NOT GOD!

Those well-meaning pastors/teachers are doing the right thing by making sure LGBT individuals have a safe place to worship God.   No one should be mistreated or bullied, even by Christians.   However, just as there is God’s grace, there is also God’s judgment.   The pastors conveniently leave that out.

Grace doesn’t give us the right to trample on it.   Grace is there when we “fail” in various areas of our life.   God extends His grace and offers forgiveness that is available because of what Jesus did when He shed his PRECIOUS BLOOD on that Cross!   Grace does not give me the right to do as I please without repercussions.   If so, I would have remained in that life.   I CHOSE, by my own free will, to TURN MY BACK ON THAT LIFE and follow my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Why did Jesus die?   It was to save us from a place called HELL.   Just as there is a LITERAL Heaven where God resides, Jesus shed His LITERAL blood to save us from a LITERAL Hell!   Please see my blog post on Hell.

The pastors/teachers who push the LGBT agenda are not only enslaving you into a life of misery but into further rebellion against God.   They will answer to God for it.   We are still responsible for our decisions because God gives us free will.   I never knew the truth until I studied God’s Word for myself.

If you fear reading God’s Word, let me encourage you with this thought.   When parents discipline us for disobedience, it’s because they love us.   They’re trying to teach us responsibility and to know right from wrong.   It’s the same with God.   He’s our HEAVENLY FATHER who wants the best for us.

When I got the chip off my shoulder and read God’s Word with that in mind, I saw that God was never out to “get homosexuals.”   His instructions were to help us.   When He became angry with the Israelites it was because His chosen people were being rebellious and not obeying Him.   God is no different than a father or mother who reacts the same way.   I realized I could not live my life as I pleased yet still expect God to bless me.   My parents certainly wouldn’t reward me for my disobedience and it’s the same way with God.

Yes, there is a cost to following Christ because we have to deny ourselves of certain pleasures that God finds detestable.  Some examples are sex outside of marriage, pornography, drugs/alcohol, idolatry, murder, witchcraft, disobedience, rebellion, hatred, etc.

Read God’s Word and ask Him to give you discernment and wisdom for He delights in helping those who approach Him with a humble heart and a true desire to know Him and the truth.

If you’re miserable and you’ve tried everything else, please give your life to Christ and give Him a chance.  Go to the ABOUT tab on this website and scroll down to DISCOVER CHRIST.

There are NOT many paths to God.  There are many “gods” but the ONLY path to the LIVING GOD is through Jesus Christ!   He was made “sin” for us so we could have a relationship with His Father and have eternal life (John 3:16-18; 3:36; 10:9; 12:48; 14:6-7; Romans 3:23; 6:23; Acts 4:12; 1 Timothy 2:5; Philippians 2:8-11).

To those who suffer in great torment because God is not changing your same-sex attraction, know that celibacy is an option.  Yes, many have transitioned into a heterosexual life but countless others, like myself, have chosen the path of celibacy.   I’ve been on the road of celibacy for about 12 years now and God has filled the void and loneliness in other ways.   After 25 miserable years in the gay life, it’s wonderful to finally have peace with myself, my peace of mind and, most of all, peace with God!

I hope these testimonies encourage you.   Please contact me if you have questions.

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